Every woman has a different story to tell. But we all have something in common- in being women and facing the world as one.

So, what is your story today?


celebrate a milestone or phase in life

You have decided to walk out your dream. You built your own business and want some images that express yourself and your visions in what you do. Your brand wishes to convey a social message. You pulled through a difficult time in your life. You have celebrated a special birthday. You have transformed and renewed yourself after a relationship.

You want to celebrate a new phase in your life and how it has shaped you, to remember who you are today and how your journey has transformed you. You simply want to have fun and treat yourself well. This is about you, a story of who you are.


co-create with jada

Work with Jada to craft a creative portraiture session that best expresses your unique journey and beauty. We work with you, through planning the key statement you wish to express, location, styling and outfits, to tell your story. This experience becomes an encounter of who you are and is part of your journey to discover and become.


portrait session, prints and narrative

You may wish to have more contextual portraits taken as a female entrepreneur, whether for branding purposes or to share in interviews and social media channels. You may wish to use this as a brand campaign. You may wish to keep them as a personal memento of how far you have come. You may wish to share your story and give a part of yourself to inspire other women on their own journey.

Quotation_left_2 grey

Every time I see these images, I’m reminded of my dream and visions. They remind me that for all the challenges that I have risen above in walking my journey, to not give up in hard times. I am living my dream, but it doesn’t mean it is not tough- but because I believe in myself and in it, I know it’s worth it.